The first-ever jewellery box or jewellery case was made in 1502 and the Swiss watchmaker made the first musical accessory box in 1796. This got immensely popular and hence since then, there have been so many verities of these cases up to this date.


In early days the only material the was used to make an accessory storage box was wood. When the musical accessory box came, it was then made out of the tin. As of now, there is a number of materials that are being used to make a different verity of jewellery boxes. Acrylic is one of the fancy materials that are quite in use for the making of such boxes. The reason is these acrylic boxes are transparent and they give a chic look to the dresser and room. Plus, it is easy to find what we are looking for what you are looking for.

Leather is another material that is used in the making of these boxes. It gives the look of an expensive organizer and there is high-end material used inside the box as well to keep the jewellery and other accessories in their perfect condition. The cheaper version of the jewellery case is made of plastic, but there is no fabric placed inside it to give the jewellery a velvety touch that is breathable as well. Hard cardboards are also used to make these boxes and it quite similar to the plastic one. Click here for more info on jewelry case.


 Of course, there will definitely be verity in these boxes. There is an old school jewellery case, then there is a modern styled jewellery case each has its own sense. There are tic organizers and watch storage box as well. With verities, there are also differences in size and the functionality of each of the boxes. There are travel-sized cases that are small enough to keep the essentials in it. Then there is one that is designed to be kept on the table, dresser or the vanity. Some are designed to be kept inside the wardrobe or the drawer. For example, one watch storage box may have 5 to 6 compartment and others may have more or less. Then, of course, there will be different colours available as well. 

Reasons to keep: 

There are various reasons why one should keep these boxes for themselves in their space. First of all, these will be helpful in protecting the accessories and also arranging them properly. The proper arrangement and organizing will be helpful to keep the accessories good as new and will be easy to find the specific one you are in need of. It keeps the place tidy which elevates the look of the dresser and the wardrobe.