The catering and food present at an event basically determine the entire ambiance of the event and ultimately determines the mood of the people who are attending the event. This means a proper food is extremely essential to ensure that an event goes as planned and that guests feel invited and enjoy themselves.

At Buffet Express we specialise in a large range of menu which can cater to any kind of event. This means that we can cater for events ranging from wedding receptions to funeral viewings. All of these events require different kinds of food to be served, one which is consistent with the overall atmosphere of the event. Because our menus have so many different dishes, we can make sure that your guests always feel that the food being served is in line with the atmosphere of the event.

Whether you require a corporate BBQ catering or corporate lunch catering in Sydney, our menus have something to fit into any kind of occasion. In addition to this, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars to obtain a catering service which provides a reasonable amount of food with immense variety. All our menus are extremely competitively priced and we have something to suit every kind of budget. Whether it be a lavish catering menu that you require or something a bit more pocket friendly, be sure that Buffet Express has something that will meet your budget and demands.

Varied International Menus

Our menus also include international foods which can be used to meet the demands of those who want to get a taste of the cuisines of the rest of the world. This can be especially handy when dealing with clients from abroad. With food from their countries, it can help to cement relations and give a positive impression on the clients which can be instrumental in achieving a business deal.

Our international menus include dishes from all around the world, including dishes from the middle East, Indian subcontinent, Greece and the rest of Europe and Asia. All of these dishes are expertly cooked and provide an authentic experience of the cuisine from these parts of the world. This means that your guests can enjoy flavours from all over the world without leaving even their own city!

All in all, if you need a catering service that you can rely on to do a great job and make sure that your guests feel invited and enjoy themselves, then you need look no further then Buffet Express. With our extremely varied menu and different budget options, you can be certain that we have something that can suit any catering need. Whether it be something small for a corporate lunch event, or a large event like a wedding reception, we make sure that our menus cater to all kinds of events and budgets!