Not only in Sydney, but throughout the globe, drug abuse and misuse in a criminal offence. Especially for Sydney, it is a serious criminal offense under section 10 (1) of the Drug Misuse Act. If we talk about the penalty or imprisonment, it is pertinent here to mention that such an accused may be liable to pay fine up-to 2200$ or imprisonment for two years and both. Depending upon the circumstances, you will be sentenced a court decree. But in order to circumvent this unfavourable culmination, remember that an only solution which anyone can opt is to contact qualified and experienced lawyer who can defend your case against drug charges in Sydney. 

Of course a professional criminal lawyer will definitely affect the outcome of the case, still it is advisable to cogitate on some paramount and fruitful aspects which you will grab after hiring it which includes but not limited to a) time effective results b) if you are not guilty, there will be huge chances your legal solicitor will null and void a false case filed against you c) if you are guilty, there would be material chances your legal solicitor can easily help in reducing the fine/penalty or decreasing the time of imprisonment d) furnishing of professional advice or expert opinion e) careful and adroit handling of a case and many other important things as well.

Cutting through complexity

As everyone knows that criminal cases are sometimes very complex and difficult to handle, note that hiring of a skilful specialist is very important for drug charges in Sydney cases as well. Because such kinds of cases majorly involve questions of facts than question of laws, remember that your legal solicitor should be competent enough so that it can easily manage any kind of complex issues and matters associated with your case.

Cost of hiring

Undisputedly, cost of hiring of an experienced drug charges lawyer would be usually high. Not only in Sydney, throughout the globe remember that legal solicitors usually charge higher prices for their professional legal services. But if anyone looks on this fact that professional solicitors most of the times produce favourable results for you, no one can deny that a constructive or desired outcome will outweighs their cost of hiring.


Therefore, always choose to hire professional, adroit and competent criminal law firms for any kind of criminal proceeding. Remember that criminal proceedings are highly risky, and it can be a matter of life and death. Without thinking much on cost, go online and find most experienced, skilful and professional criminal law firms in Sydney.